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How Much Should You Budget?

Setting a realistic budget is very important. There are several rules of thumb that can be very helpful. The most common method is to decide how much you should invest based on... Read More
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Should You Share Your Budget?

Most customers think they are giving up their bargaining power by letting their contractor know how much they can afford to spend. They believe the contractors will set their prices... Read More
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Why Do You Need A Remodeling Project Timeline Before Starting?

Winston Churchill once said, “He who fails to plan is planning to fail.” Yet most remodeling projects begin without a written plan that includes a detailed timeline. A detailed timeline...Read More
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What Are Reasonable Remodeling Price Ranges?

It makes sense to obtain multiple quotes for your next project. As a remodeling contractor I’m not very eager to participate in this process. But, I understand how important it is for my customers...Read More
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Why Start Your Remodeling Project With A Design?

Starting a remodeling project without a professional design is like taking a long road trip without a GPS or even a map! You can arrive at your destination. But, it’s a much...Read More